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A vibrant oasis for life in the middle of a beautiful place, close to nature, that contributes with its social innovation to the cultural and touristic outreach of the region.



Free experiential education for young talents who want to experiment managing a social entrepreneurship project and prepare themselves for active life.



An ecosystem of human-sized projects dedicated to job creation, education and social impact that enables volunteers and students to contribute to the developping social enterprises or to propose a new concept.

"We are not here to create a business, we are here to create a new economy." - Cedric Mabilotte, Founder of Hello Philippines

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A network of ecovillages that connects international changemakers through the embodiment of a sustainable lifestyle, education platform, social and ecological impact programs.

Build a world of change || Show the power of collective action || Empower people through personal development

  • Become a voluntourist with us to support poverty eradication in the Philippines!

  • A non-formal education platform to develop skills and a culture of change

  • A community of social entrepreneurs engaging into sustainable development

  • Let's show what changing the world for good means!

Cedric Mabilotte

Founder and CEO, Chairman of the Board
After 15+ years of a hectic career in multinational companies and international organisations (EU, UN, ESA) Cedric decided to establish an authentic community of social entrepreneurs, and currently dedicates his time to Social Impact and Sustainable Development.

Trixie Odiamar

Co-Founder and COO, President
Building-up her capabilities and skills at international level Trixie worked as a consultant for Every Woman Every Child, United Nations Foundation and UN Sustainable Development Goals. She decided to come back home to help develop her province and country!

Tiphaine Liger-Belair

Co-Founder and Head of Fundraising
Still a student in a top French business school, Tiphaine specializes in International and Social Business. A born traveller with a great heart, she finishes soon a gap year spent as a volunteer in various social organizations around the world and decided to dedicate her competencies to the emergence of a changemakers’ community with us.

Zoe Aruguay

Co-Founder and Head of Health & Wellness
Dr. Zoe is passionate about nutrition and fitness. She strongly believes that food and exercise are medicine. Having worked in the fast-paced world of health and safety in television and movies, Dr. Zoe now focuses her study on functional medicine – the science of creating health.

Edzel Orense

Co-founder and Head of Technology at the Social Innovation Hub – Hello Philippines
Being an artist and entrepreneur motivates Edzel to envision and invent sustainable solutions by linking technologies from multimedia design, 3D and manufacturing. Edzel runs a small multimedia and prototyping company in Manila.

Xavier Odiamar

Founder and CEO of Xhelters, a social entreprise of Hello Philippines
Fresh graduate of Architecture in DLS-CSB School of Design and Art, Known as X. X loves to create and innovate things through the technology of 3D Printing and also he wants to help the people with his open source works.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb


Hello Marseille is our main partner for concept design. Together we are developing a Global Community of ChangeMakers to spread the vibe of change around the planet :)
Hello Marseille is the first concept of sustainable tourism we launched in 2010 to test and prototype our projects. It’s a social laboratory experimenting models of social entreprises that engage into sustainable development and education for international volunteers.

MENSA Philippines

Collective intelligence at the service of the General Interest with our MENSA working group “Co-Mensalis” :)
We created a working group with our friends of MENSA to gather bright people around our shared objectives of poverty eradication in the Philippines. Feel free to join if you wish to contribute.

SouLove Center

Let the flow of positiveness reach the shore of action with SouLove joining efforts with Hello Philippines. SouLove decided to support the emergence of Hello Philippines sustainable tourism villages as one of our very first Social Entreprise settling in our ecosystem. Welcome!
SouLove is the feeling of Oneness, wholeness, completeness and communion with ALL, and still having the individuality that makes you who you uniquely are. It is about knowing your soul’s identity, purpose and mission. You are only limited by your fears and your beliefs. The good news is, you can change it and YOU have the power to be the change.

Together we can build a bright future for all, a future of caring and sharing.

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