Become a Hello Changemaker

Who are Hello Changemakers?

Develop your personal and professional self by being with a community of social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and voluntourists, who commits for minimum 9 months to join our diverse powerful community/teams on each of our Hello ecovillages, projects, programs. 

How to be a Hello Changemaker?

Commit for minimum 9 months as you embody Hello’s sustainable lifestyle, progress professionally through our educational platform, and contribute to Hello’s social and ecological impact projects and programs across our network of Hello ecovillages. 

Join us to spread the change!

Apply as Hello Changemaker?

Send the following to hellophilippines2016@gmail.com

  • Your CV + Photo
  • The dates you would expect to stay with us (minimum 9 months)
  • A video recording of the following lines + answer questions
    • Lines: “Hello Philippines is a network of ecovillage that connects international changemakers through the embodiment of a sustainable lifestyle, education platform, and social and ecological impact programs. 

      Build a world of change! Show the power of collective action! Empower people through personal development

      Let’s spread the change!!”

    • Questions:
      • What is your name ?
      • Where do you live ?
      • What did you study ?
      • What do you do in life ?
      • What are your plans in the future ?