Blog #1: Bicol Exploration – finding the home for Hello Philippines

Dear advocates of Hello Philippines project,

Over the past few months, our team has gone on several explorations in order to find the perfect land to welcome our very first ecovillage.

We explored a large part of the coastal areas in Bicol, met amazing people, went through hardship and sheer joys, all but to take major steps forward for Hello Philippines.


               For those who don’t know the Philippines yet, here is the location of the amazing Bicol region


Sometimes we got lost in the jungle or found ourselves covered by bruises after having walked in the mud up to the thighs, but each day we found more reasons to push further, more beauties to fill our eyes and heart with. Understanding how important and useful our work could be supporting local communities and protecting the natural patrimony of the Philippines, our motivation has been growing continuously.

We wanted to share with you some pictures and comments about what we found out there. Hope this will make you want to come as soon as you can!


IMG_2960 copy

Tiphaine Liger-Belair:

“  Having been stung by starving mosquitoes, slept on the floor in the middle of nowhere, worn the same wet clothes for several days, all I remember is the beauty of the nature and the people of the Bicol region.

Not only have I been amazed by the atmosphere and the sharing & caring of the inhabitants, but I have been overwhelmed by the need for sustainable development and preservation of the wonders of nature out there.

I am really looking forward to settling down our first ecovillage so that you can all come take part in this wonderful journey!”
IMG_2779Cédric Mabilotte:

“ Our first exploration profoundly touched my heart. We were preparing to have high social impact in a difficult social and ecological environment, but when we saw with our own eyes the extend of what is happening currently in the coastal areas of the Philippines, I got marked forever with a mixed feeling of sadness and rage.

Sadness for the people who are falling everyday deeper into the vicious cycle of poverty. Rage to help and build a future we can share. It’s a beautiful and permanent challenge, and all the solution are already in our hands. It will be a pleasure to lead the Hello community to replant mangroves and coral reefs, develop sustainable livelihood for the families around, help parents with good education for their kids, and many more things you will be welcome to join and do yourself.”


IMG_4745 copyTrixie Odiamar:

“ Being back and finally fell in love with the Philippines gave me the courage to explore its true beauty – its people, my fellow countrymen. The exploration in Bicol allowed my team and I to experience the real situation and refine what can we co-create with the communities.

I’m not able to count mountains we crossed, but I can share the stories of the people we have met along our way. People are genuine. They are generous – They offer a lot even they have little. They are helpful – They have little time to spare but they make time. They are hospitable – They make you feel comfortable and safe… They have definitely the ability to survive –   They are limited with opportunities but they learn to become resourceful and resilient. These are the people that motivates us to do what we intended to do. Empowering local communities through social entrepreneurship and sustainable development programs. Ultimately, promoting the young talents of the poorest of the poor so the next generations can thrive.”


Bicol Exploration Gallery:

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